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Art is what defines us

Art is what defines us, and I can help you define yourself. My name is Ms Julia Selikina, a ballerina coming from Russia with 15 years of experience as a dance teacher 8 of them in Dubai. It was nice to dedicate all those years to teaching dance and would love to add some more years.

No, don’t tell me you can’t dance. As long as you can move you could dance. That’s what I believe and believing is everything.

Before, getting a degree from Arts college, I matriculated, specializing in university management & business, with management organization as the core subject. As far as my teaching experience is concerned, I can say that I have made couple great Gogo, Burlesque and gymnastic performers. From the perspective of teaching, now that I have worked with nurseries and other institutes where even very little kids are involved, like UAE Youth Olympic game school of rhythmic gymnastic (Horizont school in Jumeirah).

I decided to take my talents forward by sharing it with those who are passionate about dance. So, here I am with a dance studio to educate people more about it, giving many a chance to perform.

Performance can only be perfected with practice, thus this dance studio was important. If you are a beginner, intermediate or expert our studio’s doors are always open for you with more for you to learn.
Apart from graduating in ballet from the arts college, at the time I was also into many choreographic groups. Afterwards, I remained soloist of several ballet shows in Russia, UAE and certain other countries for some time. Even before I took teaching for a career, winning dance competitions and performing at popular spots in Dubai. My performance at the international dance festival Dubai was much appreciated and it motivated me to keep going. Now, having already gained 8 years of experience of teaching dance in Dubai, it was the best time to start with something of my own.

A place where beginners could learn, intermediates could improve and experts can practice to perfection. Becoming a dance teacher happened to me naturally, I enjoyed teaching and that is one vital element we look out for in our teaching staff. Dancing is indeed infectious, we inspire and get inspired by our students. Having trained a couple of dancing geniuses myself, learnt a lot about teaching dance in the process. There is an old saying- “ Dance like no one is watching you”. Well, that sounds good but dancing like everyone’s watching you would be terrific. You ought to make those heads turn while you enjoy it yourself. Therein lies the challenge! Even when you are good with your techniques, you need to reinvent them. Versatility is the key, you need to keep improving yourself. It goes without saying that dancing is forever and for everyone. It is all about continuity as you never stop practicing and enjoying every bit as you do.

You are always welcome to come dance your heart out with me. Let’s dance to glory. So, if you want to prepare for legend old dance competitions or just take a couple dance classes, you now know where to come.
Dance Teacher in Dubai

My Dance Classes in Dubai

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Author: Julia Selikhina.

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