Classic Dance

Dancing is one thing and mastering it is another. There are several dance forms today, but not all of them are classics. Most of them are either evolved or derived from several or one classical dance form. Classical dance forms are those that is enlivened and authentic. It is impossible to perform a classical dance without severe training as it, in its purest form without much alteration. Classic dance techniques are often very typical and for ages it has been appreciated by many and still holds a supreme position. It carries a great deal of mythological significance as well. Only a trained classic dance teacher can do complete justice to teaching you. Plenty, each associating to a particular place or ethnicity. Some of them are even considered sacred. Ballet is one perfect example! Dance is an art and a dancer is an absolute piece of art. So, what can be more achieving than getting professionally trained in a classical dance form? Be the kind of dancer you have always admired or even better. We are here to guide you at every level, classic dance classes to suit your caliber.

Classic Ballet Classes in Dubai

Ballet is one of the purest dance forms. We are all fond of dancing, well guess what? The dance began with ballet! Very elegant, simple and poised of all forms. But with Ballet, none of these come easy. An effortless and eloquent ballet performance takes several years of practice. Many ballet professionals today got an early start, when they were as young as just a few month old babies. So your never too young to start taking your ballet classes.

Contemporary Dance Classes in Dubai

The name of this dance says all about it. Just like contemporary music it is a modern form of dance that is mainly derived from classical dance forms like ballet and Jazz. It mainly consists of floor work and it’s about how well you could use gravity to push and pull your body. Ballet does not put the floor completely to use unless its for footwork, but in contemporary you make complete use of the floor with your entire body.


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Author: Julia Selikhina.

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