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The name of this dance says all about it. Just like contemporary music it is a modern form of dance that is mainly derived from classical dance forms like ballet and Jazz. It mainly consists of floor work and it’s about how well you could use gravity to push and pull your body. Ballet does not put the floor completely to use unless its for footwork, but in contemporary you make complete use of the floor with your entire body. Torso is given equal significance here when it comes to floor work and flexibility. For instance, we have extensive knee bends in contemporary dancing.

What type of music does it require?

Any music would be just as fine for a contemporary dance performance. Unlike, most of the dance forms it does not have any restrictions on music. Even the moves are a lot loose when compared to the traditional ballet, there is no stiff posture. You get more liberty here to experiment with your moves when compared to ballet.

Is there a difference between Contemporary and free style dancing?

Well, the line between the two may be very blurry, but yes they are different. Contemporary definitely has ballet elements in it and it adheres to some sort of structure. Whereas, free style need not have ballet elements and it doesn’t have to be structured at all. Contemporary requires more control over the body and it has certain disciplines to be followed.

Is it even a genre of dance?

Yes, it is just as much as ballet or modern dance. It has taken form in the middle of 20th century and since then considered as a prominent category. Contemporary is just as significant as ballet. A formal dance form in which many professional dancers acquire training. Some dancers even consider it to be improvised version of ballet.
Here is why you should take contemporary dance classes:
  • It is very relaxing and soothes your mind
  • You get a fabulous workout
  • Allows you to be more expressive
  • Techniques allow more floor transitions
  • Tones every inch of all our muscles
  • Gives your body more longevity
  • Enhances mental and physical strength
  • Has more scope for improvisation
  • Improves utilization of space
  • Get better coordination and flexibility
This list can go on and on. Contemporary dancing is an achievement in many ways, but most of all you enjoy as you train. What more can a passionate dancer want?
You are always welcome to come dance your heart out with me.

Let’s dance to glory.

So, if you want to prepare for legend old dance competitions or just take a couple dance classes, you now know where to come.

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Author: Julia Selikhina.

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