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Twerking is one of the most recent dance trends. It’s all over the internet, twerk videos, tutorials, even twerk quotes and memes. Gone Viral! Like they say twerk it or work it. Twerking isn’t just a move, it is in itself a dance form called as the booty dance. So, before you drop it low, you got to learn how to do it. Twerk it right! Sitting in a squat position and randomly ramming your booty, isn’t what booty dance is. Just like any other dance form, it has its own routines, discipline and moves. Unlike traditional dance forms, it only gained popularity after the millennium two thousand. We cannot be certain about the emergence of this form, but the word twerk is initially believed to be introduced by a DJ performing at a show in New Orleans. Neither, is it clear he was referring to what as twerk. From then on this word was picked up by many rappers adding to its popularity by frequent usage.
Booty Dance teacher in Dubai
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By 2011 there was lots of searches coming to Google for twerk videos, tutorials etc. When there is an audience there must be a show. Many professional dancers and artists today, take twerking dance classes. African dance regimes contain an almost similar type of booty move and is danced throughout the continent. However booty dance is a complete package of several distinguished moves. In the entertainment industry today, it is difficult to find a female artist who hasn’t twerked. There are also several famous shows sharing the concept and some publications are named after it. Indeed, another form of sensuous dance. This form doesn’t have much of footwork or need not even involve the torso. Like the name indicates it has lots of booty shakes and shimmies.
Mostly, performed over rap, hip-hop and pop music, it is quite a fever. Sometimes this dance is referred as the ghetto for whatsoever reasons. Moves of this form would vary from simple to complex. Simple like swaying your hips side to side and complex like clapping the cheeks and getting complete control over every muscle. Like in belly dance, belly does most of the dancing, booty does in booty dance. It has very little to do with the rest of the body. Arms, wrists, knees, busts and waist are somewhere here and there involved, but it is mostly about grooving to the beat with your hips. Combining it with a little bit of popping & locking and tutting is also a great choreography idea. It can also be performed as a fitness dance. Certain fitness and stretching routines also have it. As it is an utterly recent form, it is very difficult to find proper booty dance training programs. We are glad to have found professional trained booty dance teacher and fitness trainer with years of experience in this particular form.
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So, if you want to prepare for legend old dance competitions or just take a couple dance classes, you now know where to come.

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