Burlesque Dance Teacher in Dubai

Burlesque, is often tagged as a lady’s dance. Mainly because of its nature and also because it’s mostly performed by women. Not that men cannot or do not perform burlesque, but it is rare for a man. The term burlesque means a parody or musically imitating something in a funny way. Burlesque dance is more or less the same, with elements of strip dance. An erotic comedy, which existed even during the 17th century, although its exact time of emergence is often debated. Many Burlesque shows like the of the high rollers and many other popular tales were believed to be performed in the early 17th century. Yes, even before some of the modern dance forms came into existence. Burlesque is the most sensuous dance of all times. It’s more about the posture, pose and the timings. Costumes of this dance are often bold and distinguished. Burlesque shows can be solo and also in groups. Although, we wouldn’t call burlesque and strip dance the same, mostly people associate one with the other. Passionate burlesque dancers consider it to be very empowering. And undoubtedly it is one amongst fabulous dance work outs and its fit for the freshers.
Burlesque Dance Teacher in Dubai
Burlesque Dance Teacher in Dubai
Dancing in general has many benefits, but being a lady, learning a lady’s dance have many added advantages. These types of dance forms are specifically developed to embrace a lady’s nature. Finding a good burlesque dance teacher in Dubai can be difficult as it is not a very commonly taught dance form here. In some parts of the world burlesque is a very common career option. Which is why our centre has teachers coming from around the globe.

Understanding in depth…

Unlike strip dance, burlesques are often performed at the concert halls. There is a lot of humor in it. People who are fond of theatre appreciates burlesque. These shows mimic rules, ethics, social issues and just about anything. Most shows would deliver a message. Initially, it began merely as a performance act with no or very less adult elements. But now it is more a sensual performance art than merely being a literature based form.
Apart from the physical benefits, it can also uplift your mood by imparting positive vibes. So, it’s now time to hit the dance floor and say bye to the mood swings. Come join our burlesque classes with the best burlesque dance teacher in town.

Dancing is loved by many. Passionate people aspire to become a dancer and take it for a career. Yet others, if not for the love of it, some take dance classes for the emotional, physical and mental benefits it has to offer. Up to an extend it is also believed to lower the adversities of aging.
You are always welcome to come dance your heart out with me.

Let’s dance to glory.

So, if you want to prepare for legend old dance competitions or just take a couple dance classes, you now know where to come.

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