High Heel Dance Teacher in Dubai

Heels are important for a woman. They might not be as comfortable as your favorite pair of crocks, but you definitely have a pair or more of heels. Glamorous it is! A dazzling pair of heels is more appealing to the eyes, than a comfortable pair of slippers. When we go shoe shopping, which pair attracts you? And there you have your answer. And while trying on that pair, wouldn’t we end up doing that little twirl? Yes, dancing in high heels is very enjoyable. Keeping the aesthetic appearance of high heels apart, it also adds a certain class to your attire and boosts your confidence. Your body language and posture is a lot more enhanced when you are wearing the right pair of high heels. We all have that one pair high heels, that makes us look taller, thinner or just makes us feel fabulous and on top of the world. Heels are considered appropriate for all occasions and it is more of a formal style.
High Heel Dance Teacher in Dubai
High Heel Dance classes in Dubai
Heel dance, like the name indicated is a type of dance performed wearing high heels. Sounds simple, but it isn’t that simple? Walking on a high heels requires requires mastering, you can only imagine how much training dancing wearing a pair of them would require? Watching a lady dance is something else, add a bit of heels to the show and it’s just out of the world.

There are many types of high heels in the market today. Wedges, Pumps and Stilettos would make the popular most categories. Wedges are easy to walk on as they have a flat base, they are mainly used to enhance height comfortably. Pumps on the other hand do not have a flat base, but they have broader heels. Stilettos are also called dagger or pinpoint heels, because they are thin with a pinpoint base which is sharp enough to pierce through. They are the highest and sexiest of them all.
High heel dance is performed on stilettos. A very recent form of dancing that emerged between the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Initially, it was only performed in certain American and European countries. Soon it gained popularity and at the present its performed worldwide. Footwork constitutes most of this form, but it also can be combined with certain other hip-hop and pop routines. It is a casual way of dancing. Footworks have mainly drawn inspiration from jazz while the torso moves are inspired from belly dance. A very distinguished and sensual dance form. It can also be a career option, If you wish to become high heels dance teacher. Solo high heel dance performances as encouraged in several fitness and dance institutes. So, if you want to go solo and steal the show, high heels dancing should be your pick. Impress your audience with most abstract and trendy moves, take our high heels classes right away.
High Heel Dance Teacher in Dubai
You are always welcome to come dance your heart out with me.

Let’s dance to glory.

So, if you want to prepare for legend old dance competitions or just take a couple dance classes, you now know where to come.

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