Kizomba Dance Teacher in Dubai

Creativity is the basis of civilization, exactly what separates us from animals. And each way you express your creative side is called art. When people say- Would wouldn’t be the same without technology, have you ever thought what would be the world without art? Dancing, painting, playing violin or just about anything can be called art, only when you polish your skills and your creative side is applied to it.

Simply scribbling something on a paper is not called painting similarly simply jumping to the music isn’t called dancing. Every form has its own ethics, moves and techniques that must be well practiced. Improvisation is a later thing after your thorough with the basics. When performance dance is concerned, couple dances are very pleasing. Both the audience and performers appreciate it alike
Kizomba Dance Teacher in Dubai
Kizomba Dance Classes in Dubai
Kizomba is a famous couple dance form that was born in Angola- a country of the African continent. The music which Kizomba dance is performed is called Kizomba. Like most other couple dance forms it has a dedicated music genre as well. It comprises of slow rhythms and is very melodious. It is sometimes confused with samba and Cula- Zuk because of the similarities it shares with them. This form is however very authentic and its earliest tracked performance dated back to the year 1971.

This particular dance also has its roots on Brasil. Even before it became popular worldwide, it was very much liked and appreciated by the Portuguese for whatsoever reasons. Some associate it with the release of the pop album - No controle by an artist named Kelly Key. However, not enough evidence supports this piece of information. Very brief breaks are yet another thing in this dance, where the dancers are allowed to go free style, use their creativity and swiftly return back to the basics.
Now, that there it is a couple dance, the man leads and the lady follows. Usually, it begins with the left foot of the leader and the right foot of the follower- for the basic steps. Again, this form has many variations and the styles can vary slightly. The follower always follows the leader, but as his mirror reflection with the opposite sides. Synchronizing is very difficult in Kizomba and it takes a great deal of practice to perfect it. One of the most difficult and complex couple dance forms. Each of its moves would involve small intricate steps combining to form a complex move. The timing of the Kizomba music beats would be four on four (4/4) - in each measure. Some of the moves, however can have their on individual timings.

At our centre this dance form is taught by trained teachers who are also talented performers. If you wish to learn Kizoba dance , Feel free to walk in and check if our classes would work out for you.
Kizomba Dance Classes in Dubai
Kizomba Dance Teacher in Dubai
You are always welcome to come dance your heart out with me.

Let’s dance to glory.

So, if you want to prepare for legend old dance competitions or just take a couple dance classes, you now know where to come.

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