Salsa Dance Teacher in Dubai

Dancing is a very romantic gesture with Salsa being the most romantic of them all. Dance has been an integral part of many cultures and communities. Some of the dance forms are very innate and its fundamentals are very typical to a certain place or certain type of people. They are commonly categorized as a folk dance. Salsa is one such dance with a Latin American Origin that has gained worldwide popularity. The music to which a salsa dance is performed is also called salsa. It has a dedicated music genre of its own. Somehow, this form has nothing much to do with the delicious salsa dip after which it is named. Yes, Salsa means sauce in Spanish. Before the year 1970 this term strictly meant sauce and nothing else. Fascinating! Is it not? Today, there are several salsa dance competitions, but it still is a social form of dancing more than a dance sport. It has borrowed lots of elements and styles from other forms like mambo and cha-cha.
Salsa Dance Teacher in Dubai
Salsa Dance classes in Dubai
Over the years, some elements of totally unrelated dance forms from afro-american communities are also integrated into it. Anyhow, that’s what we call as improvisation. Salsa nights or dance fests are found in most clubs, restaurants, ballrooms etc in both urban cities and countrysides. Now that it is a social dance form, it remains a part of many social gatherings. You might also want to look up the term – Salsa Congress. These are types of festivals that attract vivid salsa performers form every nook of the planet. Even if you are not a salsa dancer, you must attend one, it’s an absolute delight. These events also spread awareness about it by conducting workshops for the laymen.
Within itself, it has various types. The categorization is mainly dependent on the pace of the dance and percussion of the music it is performed on. For example Cumbia Style, Cuban Style, Puerto Rican Style and so on… This form compulsorily involves two people. One would be the leader and the other partner. The leader would be leading his partner through most of the salsa act. The basics and posture for both the leader and his follower are different. Why would I use the word “ His”? Is it mostly led by the man? Well, mostly yes! But again the leader and follower are just terms used in Salsa dance, it doesn’t give authority for a man to overpower his female partner here. For, smooth movements in Salsa is it very important for the leader to signal, lead, support and provide the necessary balance to his partner. We as an established centre, situated at the core of Dubai, very well understands the dance demands of this town. Our Salsa teacher has been in this profession for long and have heard only appreciation from our students.
Salsa Dance Classes in Dubai
You are always welcome to come dance your heart out with me.

Let’s dance to glory.

So, if you want to prepare for legend old dance competitions or just take a couple dance classes, you now know where to come.

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